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Glenfox Stud
offers breeders the benefit of Stud Manager Cindy Faber's 20 years' experience, in collaboration with a veterinary specialist in equine reproduction.

We offer full A.I. facilities for your mare using either our own selection of top stallions or with semen obtained from another stallion of your choice.

Phantom Training and Semen Collection

The introduction of the young stallion to breeding duties forms the foundation for his future at stud. It is around this belief and the extensive experience that we have gained in working and training young stallions that we have structured our phantom training philosophy. Glenfox Stud is committed to making the novice stallion’s training experience as simple and as positive as possible. The result should be a well-disciplined stallion that is easy to handle and who understands what is expected of him.

Some stallions will learn very quickly whereas others require several training sessions. It is for this reason that we allow individual stallions to dictate the time they need. The training process takes place at Glenfox Stud where our team is experienced in working with stallions. Stud Manager, Cindy Faber always handles the stallion herself and two or three experienced grooms assist her. Our phantom mare is located in a secure area with minimal distractions. The veterinarian supervising the procedure and collecting the semen is an experienced and registered Specialist in Veterinary Reproduction, well-known to horse-breeders throughout South Africa.

Fresh Semen Inseminations

For mares being bred at the Stud, a veterinary examination determines her optimal breeding time. Thereafter semen is collected on site and the mare is inseminated immediately after a semen evaluation to determine the correct semen dose. Under certain conditions the semen is extended with an appropriate extender to increase its viability, minimize infection and optimize conception in the mare. Regular semen collection of all the stallions and microscopic evaluation of semen quality before insemination assists in pre-empting fertility problems and adjusting management appropriately. This is an informed, efficient and cost-effective method of breeding.

Chilled, Transported Semen

The use of chilled semen has increased the number of mares that can be bred to any individual stallion while eliminating the need to transport the mare long distances for natural breeding. We will organise and coordinate all details for the shipping of the semen to the mare anywhere in South Africa. We use an EquitainerÒ, which can be hired to the mare owner. The mare owner is responsible for any costs incurred and must ensure the timely return of our EquitainerÒ to Glenfox Stud. It is an essential pre-requisite that the mare owner advises us of the need for chilled semen at least 24 hours (we prefer 48h) in advance of the predicted time of collection for AI in order to ensure an efficient service.

Semen Freezing

The main indication for freezing semen is to maintain a genetic pool that is available for use if the stallion dies or is gelded or injured. Currently the pregnancy results are not always as successful as with fresh or chilled semen. This is often due to certain stallions producing semen that fails to freeze satisfactorily, despite achieving normal fertility with his fresh or chilled semen. However some stallions have very high fertility with their frozen semen and can be used in a commercial breeding program.

A test semen freeze is initially completed to determine the suitability of an individual stallion’s semen and which freezing method is most appropriate for his semen. The frozen semen is thawed and in order to assess how effectively the semen withstood the freezing and thawing process. Sperm motility and other sperm quality tests are currently used to assess the potential fertility of the frozen semen before its use for AI. A single ejaculate once collected and processed usually produces 5 to 15 AI dosages depending on the daily sperm output of the individual stallion. One dose of semen consisting of at least 200 to 300 million progressively motile sperm cells is packaged in anything from one to several half millilitre plastic straws. An average pregnancy rate of 30% is achieved with frozen semen of acceptable quality in reproductively-normal mares. At least 3 doses of semen should be frozen for every pregnancy you wish to achieve with frozen semen.

Insemination with Frozen Semen

Frozen semen AI requires considerable veterinary input and frequent ultrasound examinations to ensure optimal timing of insemination to coincide as closely as possible to the time of ovulation. This very small window of opportunity is due to a combination of factors: mares have a relatively long oestrus period and it is difficult to predict ovulation precisely and the longevity of thawed frozen semen is extremely short. The fertility rate with frozen semen is usually lower than with fresh semen and can vary from 0 – 75% per cycle. This has a direct bearing on the costs per pregnancy, which will invariably be higher than with natural breeding or insemination with fresh or chilled semen.

We also specialise in:

Broodmare care: From insemination to foaling.    Your mare can be stabled with us for only the insemination process, or for as long as you require.

Foaling down service: We offer a full foaling-down service with cameras and intercoms in the foaling boxes and 24 hours supervision by the Stud Manager.(She has no sleep during the foaling down season!)

Foal care: From birth to weaning.We have large, secure and safely-fenced grassy paddocks for the mares and foals.

Breaking in and early training

We offer comprehensive stabling facilities for your horses, whether broodmares in foal or working horses, with full training facilities - consistently maintained dressage and jumping arenas, extensive jumping equipment (including a water jump) and lungeing facilities.

Our stabling fee includes all feed, grass, bedding and grooming (including show turn-out), and our horses spend most of each day in either group or individual paddocks, as per their needs. Our arenas are available to you at all times for schooling, or for lessons with your own instructor.